2016 marks a monumental milestone for the Shangri-La group as we open the 100th hotel by the end of the year. It has been an incredible journey thus far, from the first hotel which opened in Singapore in 1971, it has been a tough but rewarding 45 years. What made the success? That is our PEOPLE.

So this milestone goes out to all our colleagues (past or present); we invite you to be a part of this celebration by sharing with us your 100 fondest memories with Shangri-La!

Submit your Shangri-La memory through the form below. It can be an appreciation for a person, a touching moment, a birthday party in the hotel, a CSR activity… Just anything that happened while you were here. We will publish from now till the end of the year so please feel free to share anything from time to time!

Send us your memory today! We want to hear from you 🙂