Draga Arsenovic – Service just like home

When Draga Arsenovic, one of our housekeeping room attendants, was cleaning the room for our guest, Mr. Webster, she noticed a shirt soaking in the sink.  As she took a closer look, she noticed some stains on the collar and the top of the shirt.  She immediately remembered her husband would have similar stains on his shirt whenever he shaved and nicked himself.

Draga also recognised the shirt as an expensive brand, so despite the extremely busy day ahead of her, she immediately worked on removing the stains using simply soap and water, just as she would do at home for her husband.  She was successful in removing the stains and then hung the shirt up in the bathroom before she left, so the guest could see it when he returned.

Thank you, Draga, for taking ownership and for your initiative to go above and beyond, resulting in a positive experience for our guests!


Tiffany Ngan – Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Simple Surprises during a Tough Journey

Below is an inspirational and emotional letter from a parent, who expressed their deepest appreciation to the team at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong for their simple yet thoughtful touches during their stay.

“To Manager of Hong Kong Island Shangri-La Hotel:

Dear Manager, my name is Zhang Zhiyong, I am a Chinese citizen. My five-year-old little girl, Zhang Xinyi (Cindy) was diagnosed with a rare cancer (NB) in June 2015. She has been fighting with death ever since and now it’s been over one and a half years.

One month ago, she finished her fourth chemotherapy in NUH of Singapore and comes to Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital on Friday for a crucial consultation with a well-known doctor to see whether there is any chance of cure. However, the meeting is not promising. Our hearts are broken into pieces again.However, as parents, we should not show sadness before Cindy. We know that Cindy likes Disneyland so much and always dreams of seeing Mickey, Donald Duck, Goofy and their friends face to face, even in ward bed with tubes all over her body, so this time we took her to Hong Kong and made her dream come true finally.

We booked a room at Island Shangri-La on January 21 for one night stay. To be honest, the room price is beyond our limits, however, this time; we must give her the best, leaving no regrets. We got to the hotel that morning much earlier than required checking-in time. While still hoping to get a room and settle down as soon as possible, I tried to explain to one of your receptionists in the lobby counter.

Unexpectedly, we received so much care and attendance from one of your receptionists after I tried to explain our daughter’s situation to her. Even though she followed the protocols, but kept Cindy’s situation in mind. Later, we know her name is Tiffany. With her help and arrangement, we got an excellent room with a perfect view. My daughter is so excited when she saw the gifts and balloons exclusively prepared by Tiffany in the room. I still cannot forget her joy and exultation shining on her little face. In the evening, even more surprising, Tiffany came to our room and told us we can enjoy snacks and drinks on 56 floor. My little prince is so thrilled! When we arrived there, her colleagues there may have been told about

Cindy’s experience and all of them showed same kindness and attendance to my daughter. As parents, my wife and I were so touched by the encouraging and caring words from them and especially the care and kindness from Ms Tiffany, I just want to say, she is truly a good person. In some sense, she is a real strong asset and an extraordinary member of the Island Shangri-La. We haven’t gone back home over past one and half years, she made us feel really be home.

Here, I just want to take this opportunity on behalf of my family, to extend our heartfelt thanks to Ms Tiffany and all her colleagues who keep showing smile and kindness to my little girl during her short stay, thanks a million for each and everyone’s kind heart and love, which truly made our trip to Hong Kong so unforgettable and meaningful.”

“May God bless you all.”


Jing Chew – Resident Manager


Jing’s Shangri-La Journey began 13 years ago when she joined as a fresh graduate, with learning and development opportunities, clear direction, coaching and leadership.
Jing is fulfilling her passion and is a highly regarded Resident Manager at Shangri-La Hotel Dalian, and developing the skills to become a general Manager. She is a true example of Hospitality from the heart.

Hear more from her as she shares her passion for Shangri-La.

“Nothing in life comes easy, but if you love it with all your heart, like the way I love Shangri-La, then success in life and career comes naturally”

Jing continues to strive for success and self-development. Being happy in Shangri-La family enables her to follow her passion and continue to grow. Investing in talent is our number one priority at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. We ensure we provide best in class learning & development opportunities to support our next generation leaders.

With a growing number of hotels throughout China, we are always interested in speaking to aspiring EAM’s and Resident Managers. Express your interest via our career website and start you Shangri-La journey

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(Job requisition number: 79166 )


Tiger Yang – Executive Assistant Manager

Presenting the journey of Tiger Yang, Executive Assistant Manager of Shangri-La hotel, Lhasa.

Hear more from Tiger as he shares his passion and commitment to Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts and why he recommends Shangri-La as a great place to work.  Tiger’s journey with the Shangri-La family began in 2009. He gained experience in sales and marketing from around the world, particularly Dalian, Manzhouli and Dubai. As a talented director of sales and marketing, Tiger aspirated to become a Resident Manager. In May 2015, he was selected to attend a High Potential Development workshop in Hong Kong with a dedicated coach. Now, with a bespoke development plan in place, Tiger is the Executive Assistant Manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Lhasa.

He gained experience in sales and marketing from around the world, particularly Dalian, Manzhouli and Dubai. As a talented director of sales and marketing, Tiger aspirated to become a Resident Manager. In May 2015, he was selected to attend a High Potential Development workshop in Hong Kong with a dedicated coach. Now, with a bespoke development plan in place, Tiger is the Executive Assistant Manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Lhasa.

Why are you passionate about Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts?

After many years of working with Shangri-La, I feel at home. I’ve had many opportunities to learn, develop and grow, both professionally and personally. I feel honored that Shangri-La believes in me.
After attending the High Potential Development workshop, I am fulfilling my dream and proud to be an Executive Assistant Manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Lhasa.
Shangri-La invests in people which is why I want to give back and continue our professional journey together.

I am dedicated to Shangri-La, and I value the opportunities to learn new skills. Throughout my journey, I have become a more professional leader, and I would like to give back to Shangri-La and be an example to others.


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Grace Zhang – Resident Manager



Grace Zhang’s Shangri-La journey began in 2004; she joined as an Assistant Front Office Manager in Wuhan. Through hard work and dedication, today Grace is a highly regarded Resident Manager. She shares her passion for Shangri-La with insights into her personal and professional journey of triumph, self-reflection and women in leadership.

Let see what happen in her career path with Shangri-La!

I feel I am a better person; working with Shangri-La has changed my life in ways I never expected. My career has grown, I have been developed and have grown as a person, because of this, I am thankful to Shangri-La. In my early career, I was young & immature; I was not emotionally intelligent and not balanced in my approach. Throughout my journey with Shangri-La, I have transformed, become more mature and softly spoken. Working with Shangri-La has taken me on a Body, Mind and Spiritual Journey. I am dedicated to Shangri-La our guests, our people, our family. With genuine hospitality from the heart, my mission is to make others feel comfortable. I feel privileged to be in a supportive environment, freedom to grow and develop every day. I am proud to be a female leader in Shangri-La. Learning from others and giving back to others. My passion is to be a positive role model, support others and be an inspiration.

‘I am proud to be the Resident Manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Xian.’ – Grace Zhang

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(Job requisition number: 79166 )