Creating Memories!

Mr Robert John Young was travelling in India with his daughter Catherine and New Delhi was their last stop after a hectic journey. On his way to Delhi, he was diagnosed with food poisoning. After a late check in and as morning approached, Mr Young felt worse and stayed in bed.

Both Ms Sudeshna Pal, Health Club Manager and the Duty Manager, also named Sudeshna went the extra mile with simple gestures to look after Mr Young; such as offering mild food, soothing beverages, doctor’s assistance and complimentary late check out. Catherine appreciated all the kind gestures and was especially delighted with and relieved that her father could rest before the long journey of 14 hours to Canada.

Upon Mr.Young’s safe arrival back home, Catherine wrote the below comment on our website, showing her appreciation: “I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful staff that we encountered during our stay in your hotel. For my dad’s 75th birthday, my sister and I bought him this trip to India because he has always wanted to go! My father and I had just finished a group tour and the Delhi hotel chosen by the tour group was not wonderful so even though I could not get my money back for the tour hotel I decided to treat my dad to the Shangri-La for our last night in India. Turns out that it was a great decision. I really wanted to compliment you on installing such commitment to customer service and for empowering people like Sudeshna to make such offers to help. I can honestly say this simple gesture is something I will never forget. It would have been very easy for her to charge me another full night’s stay and I would have dutifully paid it and although I would have been unhappy to pay so much for just a few more hours I know my dad needed it. I still would have enjoyed my stay but would have deemed it unremarkable and quickly forgotten about it. But instead with that simple gesture that probably cost the hotel very little out of pocket, I will now never forget my stay at Shangri La Delhi. I will tell this story to others and now I have an incredibly favourable feeling towards the Shangri-La brand. So well
done and sincere thanks again!”

Thumbs up for our Health Club Manager Sudeshna Pal and Duty Manager Sudeshna Mukhopadhyay!

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