Draga Arsenovic – Service just like home

When Draga Arsenovic, one of our housekeeping room attendants, was cleaning the room for our guest, Mr. Webster, she noticed a shirt soaking in the sink.  As she took a closer look, she noticed some stains on the collar and the top of the shirt.  She immediately remembered her husband would have similar stains on his shirt whenever he shaved and nicked himself.

Draga also recognised the shirt as an expensive brand, so despite the extremely busy day ahead of her, she immediately worked on removing the stains using simply soap and water, just as she would do at home for her husband.  She was successful in removing the stains and then hung the shirt up in the bathroom before she left, so the guest could see it when he returned.

Thank you, Draga, for taking ownership and for your initiative to go above and beyond, resulting in a positive experience for our guests!