Grace Zhang – Resident Manager



Grace Zhang’s Shangri-La journey began in 2004; she joined as an Assistant Front Office Manager in Wuhan. Through hard work and dedication, today Grace is a highly regarded Resident Manager. She shares her passion for Shangri-La with insights into her personal and professional journey of triumph, self-reflection and women in leadership.

Let see what happen in her career path with Shangri-La!

I feel I am a better person; working with Shangri-La has changed my life in ways I never expected. My career has grown, I have been developed and have grown as a person, because of this, I am thankful to Shangri-La. In my early career, I was young & immature; I was not emotionally intelligent and not balanced in my approach. Throughout my journey with Shangri-La, I have transformed, become more mature and softly spoken. Working with Shangri-La has taken me on a Body, Mind and Spiritual Journey. I am dedicated to Shangri-La our guests, our people, our family. With genuine hospitality from the heart, my mission is to make others feel comfortable. I feel privileged to be in a supportive environment, freedom to grow and develop every day. I am proud to be a female leader in Shangri-La. Learning from others and giving back to others. My passion is to be a positive role model, support others and be an inspiration.

‘I am proud to be the Resident Manager at Shangri-La Hotel, Xian.’ – Grace Zhang

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