Turkish Delightful Experiences -Serhat Atis


In October 2016, a prominent guest from China, together with three of his friends stayed at Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul. Their required arrangements included helicopter and limousine transfers, dining options in exclusive outlets in the city. Concierge Service Leader Serhat Atis, a member of the Golden Key, was assigned to see through them.

After the guests had left the hotel on departure, Serhat contacted the DM to inform of a valuable camera that the guests had left in the room. The guests requested for the item to reach him before flying out of Istanbul airport.

With virtually no material time left, closing midnight, Serhat contacted the Operations Manager of a VIP meet-and-greet company to arrange for one of their staff to meet the guest inside the airport just before boarding the airplane. Simultaneously speaking with the guest, meet-and-greet staff and airline crew, the guest finally got his camera back from the airline cabin crew although the flight was delayed for about 15 minutes.

The guest sent Serhat a text message appreciating the excellent service, against all odds.

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