Starred Chef in Shangri-La: Chef Samuel Lee


Welcome to Shangri-La International Festival of Gastronomy! The festival is a celebration of our passion for cuisine.  We have invited our celebrity chefs to share their fruitful and exciting culinary careers with you.

The third chef will be Chef Samuel Lee, another Executive Chinese Chef at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris.

1. What makes you keep your enthusiasm to contribute in Gastronomy?

I believed that food brings joy to people. As a chef who has the ability to cheer and touch people through enjoying food, bring me so much satisfaction thus I never bored with my job.

2. What are you going to achieve in the coming stage?

No particular goal, just keep improving myself to achieve other and another higher level.

3. Where did you start your Chef Career? Could you share something unique and inspiring food culture there to us?

I started my career path in my homeland, Hong Kong. Roasted suckling pig is really something worth sharing. For the technical part, roasting a suckling pig is a big production, steps involved including the special butchery method、seasoning、marinating 、brushing skin、drying the pig and roasting, the entire process reflecting the art of Chinese cooking.

According to the information has been documented in ancient times, roast suckling pig has a long history, it appeared since the period of northern and southern dynasty (AD 420 to 589 AD). This is the beauty of preserving food culture heritage.

4. What would you tell our young Chef?

Determined and never give up! Also, always enjoy cooking. If you want to be a good Chef, there is no secret or short cut; you have to be hard working, very hard working.

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