Starred Chef in Shangri-La: Chef Christophe Moret


Welcome to Shangri-La International Festival of Gastronomy! The festival is a celebration of our passion for cuisine.  We have invited our celebrity chefs to share their fruitful and exciting culinary careers with you.

This time comes up with Chef Christophe Moret, Executive Chef at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris.

1. What makes you keep your enthusiasm to contribute in Gastronomy?

The main quality in kitchen is curiosity. Keep a sharp eye to discover new kind of food, new culture, new products…

2. What are you going to achieve in the coming stage?

In our job it’s all about sharing. I am going with my knowledge and also learn and share with other Chefs.

3. How did you start your Chef Career?

I started my career in 1984. I had the chance to work with 3 renewed Chefs: Bruno Cirino, Jacques Maximin and Alain Ducasse. They taught me this enthralling job and this is what I want to keep doing with my teams.
While I was Chef at the Plaza Athénée Hotel in Paris, I received for a banquet; all 3 starred Michelin Star Chefs in Europe. I also had the chance to cook for our Presidents. I love this job because we have to go towards excellence.

4. What would you tell our young Chefs?

Work hard and keep curious. It is important to be aware that there will always be someone who works harder than us to become the best.
And also keep in mind the sharing part. With our guests, our producers, colleagues… I love this job and we have to do it with passion.

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