Starred Chef in Shangri-La: Chef Mok Kit Keung


Welcome to Shangri-La International Festival of Gastronomy! The festival is a celebration of our passion for cuisine.  We have invited our celebrity chefs to share their fruitful and exciting culinary careers with you.

First up is Chef Mok Kit Keung, Executive Chinese Chef in Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong.

  1. What makes you keep your enthusiasm to contribute in Gastronomy?

The motivation comes from my guests. Our Shangri-La philosophy is to provide an engaging hospitality experience as one would expect from a caring family.  What could be better and more enjoyable than cooking for your own family members?  The idea keeps propelling my enthusiasm and motivates me to provide uniquely personalized and thoughtful gastronomy experiences to our guests as I welcome them to my ‘home’.

  1. What are you going to achieve in the coming stage?

To continue to excel from the Michelin two-star award by increasing the service standard and food quality to attain Michelin three-star award is the next-stage goal to achieve.

  1. How did you start your culinary career?

I started my culinary career in a local Chinese restaurant when I was at the young age of 14.  My uncle was the restaurant’s chef and he brought me there as a helper.  I started from the most junior position, working from nine in the morning till mid-night every day.  I started with cleaning the kitchen and keeping the place tidy and organized – I could only learn the skills and practice cooking and chopping techniques after the shift ends.

  1. What would you tell our young Chefs?

The most important thing is attitude.  Positive attitude towards your job and loving what you do will make you respect the food you create and work hard towards reaching your dream.  Furthermore, always learn from others’ experiences and from own past experience; it could motivate you to search for new ideas on food creativity.  Be serious and give your best in every dish you create, as you don’t know when the opportunity would come.

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