Unleashes the potential through strategic leadership

(Written by Mike G. Mangilit, Training Manager of Edsa Shangri-La, Manila)
In Shangri-La, there are two enhancement programs for our staff to be well-equipped. They are Emerging Leadership Program (ELP) and  Strategic Leadership Program (SLP).
ELP is a program that is developed specifically for new managers. They are the ones who are in a leadership position for the first time and may not have the skills and knowledge to lead teams. SLP is focused on senior managers –starting from the General Managers through the Executive Committees and the Assistant Directors etc.  Here the focus is on their leadership style, business acumen, unleashing the potential of others and problem solving, among other things.  It is with the objective of grooming leaders who are capable of representing and demonstrating the Shangri-La leadership competencies.

Last Aug 10-11, we conducted the Phase 2 of the anticipated batch 1 of the Strategic Leadership Program for our senior managers in Edsa Shangri-La, Manila. It’s the first of 2 batches to be conducted in Edsa Shangri-La, with supervision by our Area Director of Learning & Development – Ms. Ana Dobreva.  A total of 15 participants attended this 2-day class, taking away learning to better improve their leadership styles and create their own personal branding.  As senior managers it’s a great feeling of having this specialized program for our continuous career growth.  This brings out our entrepreneurial side and improves collaboration with other senior managers with the pre and post work we had to do.  It’s fun learning with your colleagues and I guess the others will also be wanting to experience this in future batches.

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