Rachael Tong, the Big Sister

During their stay at Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong in June, Mr and Mrs Zhao’s 3-year-old son fell ill and had a fever.  When Mrs Zhao called the service centre for assistance, their son’s body temperature had already risen to 38.6 °C.

Once being briefed on the situation, our Duty Manager Rachael called the guests and suggested that they should go to the hospital.  When the family was in panic, Rachael reminded them to bring along all the essential items such as passports, credit card and jacket, and quickly arranged a hotel staff and limousine to take the Zhao’s family to the nearest hospital.

After returning to the hotel the next day, Mrs Zhao called for assistance again as their son’s temperature had gone up. Once again, Rachael arranged a hotel limousine to take the Zhaos to the hospital.  Luckily, their son got better after being treatment and the family returned to the hotel the same night.

To welcome their son back to the hotel, Rachael prepared congee and a get well tray with toys and a card signed by the entire guest relations team, just like a typical big sister would to cheer up her siblings!

Feeling grateful for the assistance from the hotel, Mrs. Zhao wrote a letter to the management: “… Special thanks to the Duty Manager and the service colleagues for these two days.  They checked his temperature many times without complain and showed empathy when my kid was sick.  I would like to extend my thanks especially to Rachael Tong, who proactively arranged transportation and offered complimentary congee for my child…With such staff and management, more customers will choose Shangri-La, and details determine all.  I couldn’t thank all during departure since I was in a hurry, but hope my message can be passed. Thank you!


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