Learn to respect other culture – Evan Clumb

4 students from Purdue University joined us as interns at Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing. It is now half way through their 6-month internship and we did an interview with them. Let’s find out how their foreign experience is in China! Today, we have Evan, who came to learn to be an event planner.


What is the most valuable thing that you learned through this internship?

When it comes to my experience at the Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing, it has been quite a journey. I have developed as a better person more than I could have imagined through this opportunity to work in China. Some of the things that I learned are invaluable lessons along with technical know-hows. I have learned all of the steps necessary in order to plan an event, such as a wine dinner. Working with all people involved and coordinating the event from conception to the finish is very rewarding. I have also learned more about the Chinese culture that I have never heard about. Most importantly, I have developed a deep respect towards the Chinese culture through different experiences and lessons.

How has this internship impacted your future career path?

This internship has impacted my future career path very much. Now, I know that I like working internationally and would truly love to have the opportunity to come back to China. It is an amazingly beautiful and vibrant country that I would like to call home at some point in my life.

How did you overcome the difficulties you face in China?

Whenever you put yourself into a new environment, there are always challenges, especially when it comes to working in another country. I faced challenges during my stay and they have all been overcome. The tools that are essential are patience and understanding.

What is your most memorable moment at Shangri-La so far?

The most memorable experience that I have had at the Shangri-La are too much to just narrow down to one. The opportunity to be here will be something that I will never forget. To take part in planning and executing private dinners, such as V.I.P dinners, wine dinners, and our cognac dinner for the Flame on 40 Steakhouse, have truly been amazing for me. To meet everyone and befriend with them have been very special as well. Also, it is my pleasure to be a part of this internship program, and be a part of such a fine and elegant hotel.

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