What makes a good employer brand? – Carol Marsh

What makes a good employer brand? Whether it is consumer goods or services , a brand name seems to impinge on  a public’s consciousness. It is no wonder that millions are spent on advertising to create brand awareness.

When I stepped into my talent acquisition role, I was inundated with candidates who wanted to join the Shangri-La Group. As I conversed with candidates, I realized that the name of Shangri-La struck a chord with candidates. What I took for granted was what they desired – a brand name synonymous with the upper echelons in the world of hospitality. True, Shangri-La offers endless possibilities with its vast number of hotels but there was something else that was more intangible. Speaking to those who were formerly from the Group, there seem to be a consistent thread: Its People.

In recent months, the world of social media got a glimpse of the people behind the Shangri-La curtain. Recent campaigns such as the #5StarsChallenge, #ShareASong and #HIStory/#HERstory created a buzz online and showcased the employees who made Shangri-La what it is today.

As we sought to create awareness of who we are as an employer, we received a pleasant and unexpected accolade from the Employer Branding Institute.

On 4 August 2016, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts along with Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore were proud recipients of the Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2016.  Standing side by side with other renowned brands across all industries, it was a crowning glory moment and a celebration of our people – the Shangri-La family.

For that is where lies the true spirit of the Shangri-La.

Author: Carol Marsh, Director of Talent Acquisition, Shangri-La Resorts and Hotels

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