Grow with the World – Jeanette Robson

Jeanette Robson, our Global Director of Learning, has been with Shangri-La for a year. Let’s see the keys to career growth and the excitement of role.

How can we create an environment where colleagues may achieve their personal and career goals?

This is all about everyone having a true desire to help others grow.  A great way to do this is by coaching, which is quite different to managing or supervising.  Coaching helps people discover their own answers and solutions and they learn a lot more this way.  Most people believe that the perfect combination for career growth is having an encouraging boss, great training and hard work.

 How do you think training will evolve in the future?

Technology opens up so many exciting opportunities.  Mobile technology will let us offer learning opportunities that are easily accessible and time effective.  Millennials who are entering the workforce now are likely to have experienced an interactive, discovery based education, and they will expect their professional training to continue in the same way, with fun and stimulation built into every course.  Training should work hand-in-hand with an organisation’s business goals so when these change, training’s areas of focus will also swift accordingly.

Is that an Aussie accent you have?

Yes, although I was born in Northern Ireland, I was brought up in Australia.  My English husband (who dislikes every Aussie sports team there is) and I came to Hong Kong 16 years ago.


What excites you most about joining Shangri-La?

Shangri-La’s legendary reputation for providing our customers with hospitality from the heart can be traced back to the passionate hoteliers who have operated our hotels since 1971.  As we continue to grow, a new generation will take over responsibility for this reputation. Our learning curriculum will play a big role in replicating the Shangri-La DNA over the coming years.

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