[Part 2] An ESL Kind of Love

Sonia & Jun Azada

Sonia Reyes-Azada, Service Manager- In Room Dining

Jun Azada, Service Leader- Banquet Service

Grace_05_sonia and jun Jun and Sonia’s love story started with the exchange of jokes among their colleagues in 1993. It was their friends Cecille and Malony who saw their budding love for each other. When Bartender Jun was assigned at Senju while Sonia was also assigned as a waitress, the pairing up of the two was developed. Cecille and Malony would even set up dates of Jun and Sonia without their knowledge.

Eventually, the two realized their love for one another and was married in 1994. They were blessed with a boy Carlos Antonio and a girl Cristina Antoinette. Both are still very much in love and are happily working at ESL.

Rose & Edgar Tuazon

Rose Correa-Tuazon, Service Leader- Housekeeping

Edgar Tuazon, Service Associate- Engineering

Grace_06_rose and edgarFor Rose and Edgar, it was love at second sight. Rose and Edgar are both pioneer employees in ESL when it opened in 1992. But, little cupid struck their hearts in 1994. While Edgar, from Engineering, was changing busted lights at Health Club, it was like spark he saw Rose, a Health Club Attendant. Since then, they started dating, had lunch together and went home after work together.

They tied the knot in 1995 and after 6 years they renewed their vows through a church wedding, followed by a reception at Garden Ballroom in ESL.

Today, with their kids Nicole, Joshua and Colleen, they are in a happy family which enjoys travelling together.

Me-ann & Don Bautista

Me-ann Nuñez-Bautista, Service Leader- Lobby Lounge

Don Bautista, Service Leader- Housekeeping

Grace_07_mean and donThis is a love at first sight story. Don first laid his eyes on Me-ann in 1999 in a party of their common friend. The same night, Don invited Me-ann for a date with him.  They constantly go out together until they entered a serious relationship.

Don said the he fell in love with Me-ann because she is kind, responsible, thoughtful and patient. It did not took very long before Don asked Me-ann to level up their relationship.  Don went to Me-ann’s house to formally ask her parent’s approval for their marriage. They tied the knot in May 2000 and renewed their vows through a church wedding on December 2000.

But it seems the odds are not in their favor. Me-ann is not getting pregnant. But the young couple is very persistent to have a child. They consulted top of the line doctors. They even danced to the famous fertility saint. Lo and behold, after 4 years of trying, Me-ann got pregnant with their baby Girl Juliane. After seven months of giving birth, Me-ann is pregnant again with their Baby Boy Vince.

These seven love stories written in the history of ESL simply proves that love always wins. They fell in love and are committed to stay in love. It’s such a happiness to work in a company that you love with the person that you love the most. For these couple, ESL is not just a work place but a part of their lives is engraved in the walls of this hotel. We will never know who will be the next in this list of happy endings.

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Author: Elizabelle Grace Dimapilis, Service Manager – Human Resources at Edsa Shangri-La, Manila

Specialization: Rapport

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