Keep Learning – Tracy Deng

L&D now has focus on Learning rather than Training. Learning by yourself seems more interesting and encouraging because you could unleash your potential through learning.


I have just completed the Emerging Leaders Program Facilitator Certification. It was really a new style learning program, including 6 phases as followed:

  • Leading Self and Others
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Choosing your leadership and approach
  • Time Management and Briefings
  • Business Optimization
  • Innovation and Problem Solving

This program introduces many tools and models to improve my leadership skills.  For example, Shangri-La uses a feedback model of CCL® called S (Situation) B (Behavior) I (Impact) in the second phase “giving and receiving feedback”. It is a great model when you giving feedback to others and avoid the subjective comments.

After one week of learning, I realized that I need to learn by myself or discuss with my colleagues to find out the answer in practical work, so training should be the same. I recommend all the leaders who are trapped in the management problems to attend this program.

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Author: Tracy Deng, Assistant Training Manager at China World Hotel

Specialization: Learning & Development

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