[Part 1] An ESL Kind of Love

Today, true love can be compared to an endemic specie. We have heard stories from friends, families, colleagues and even celebrities who broke up with their partners because of their own story of struggles ending up to failed love affair.  Many of us have lost our faith with True love and Forever.

But in Edsa Shangri-La, Manila (ESL), love made a twist in the lives of our fourteen colleagues. They came to ESL with a sole vision to pursue their passion in the hospitality industry, but who would have thought that they will find their one true love and their road to forever in this very hotel.

I’d like you to meet seven couples whose love story was authored in ESL.

Cita & Jello Villegas

Cita Yuhico- Villegas, Service Associate- Minor Operation Department- Telephone

Jella Villegas, Service Leader- Customer Sales

Grace_01_Cita and Jello

In 2011, Cita and Jello were their department’s representatives for the group dance competition for the Hotel’s Christmas Party. Jello felt that Cita is a special girl, he officially courted Cita at the night of the Christmas party. That same night, their group won the competition- maybe their dance was sprinkled with their growing romance. They realized that they were ready to go into the serious relationship a month after when Cita was in Sydney for a month vacation. On August 2012, Jello arranged a romantic proposal during their vacation at Shangri-La, Boracay. And it was a big yes from Cita. However, Cita’s father seemed hesitant to let go of her little princess. After 3 ½ years of convincing Cita’s father, they got married on 19 March 2016 at Garden Ballroom of ESL- where it all started.

Jhoan & Joms Gatdula

Jhoan Quilab-Gatdula, Service Leader- Customer Sales

Joms Gatdula, Service Leader- HEAT Restaurant

Grace_02_Joan and JomsIt was an East meets West kind of love story because of the different cultures and origin of Jhoan and Joms. They met on December 2005 as part of the opening team of the newly renovated all-day dining restaurant of ESL. However, love took a step back for them because Jhoan is committed with Jom’s friend that time. Eventually, the relationship of Jhoan did not work out. Whereas, Joms was transferred to the Italian Restaurant. Since Jhoan became single Joms took the courage to express his love for Jhoan. Eventually, Joms got the most romantic yes of his life. After a year of being together, the unexpected happened viola- Jhoan got pregnant. Joms and Jhoan decided to get married through civil union in 2007 and renewed their vows through a church wedding in 2012.

This 2016, Jhoan and Joms are 10-yr Service Award recipient at ESL. Together they will celebrate a decade of love, laughter and a gift of a beautiful family with their two little princesses Jaden and Jasha.

Anna & Ernie Guma

Chef Anna Beltran-Guma, Service Associate- HEAT Kitchen

Chef Ernie Guma, Service Associate- Paparazzi Kitchen

Grace_03_ana and ernieAs the saying goes, cooking is love made visible. It was their love for cooking that led Chef Anna and Chef Ernie’s path to cross. In 2007, coming from a heart break Chef Anna was devastated. To mend the pain of her broken heart, she joined “get togethers” and drinking sessions of her colleagues from the kitchen which Chef Ernie is a part of that group.

In December 2007, Chef Ernie started to express his love for Chef Anna. On the contrary, Chef Anna was skeptical with his real motives because Chef Ernie is known to be courting many girls in the Kitchen. However, Chef Ernie proved himself to Chef Anna. They reconciled when Chef Anna and Chef Ernie was assigned in an outside catering. Since then, they became friends again that turned into lovers. Their infinite love for one another was attested with their anniversary date 8-8-2008 (Aug 8, 2008).

Lotis & Macky Macatangay

Lotis Rosario-Macatangay, Service Associate- HEAT Service

Macky Macatangay, Service Leader- Banquet Kitchen

Grace_04_Lotis and AnnieverThe love story of Lotis and Chef Macky is a testimony of the saying “Opposites Attract”. Lotis is a friendly and cheerful kind of person while Macky is a quiet and low profile type. But like a magnet, they are bound to become one.

In January 2006, Lotis, who came from a fresh break up of her long time relationship, found refuge to the friendship showed to her by Chef Macky. Initially, Lotis and Chef Macky never thought that they will end up together. In fact, Lotis would even encourage Chef Macky to date other girls. Eventually, Lotis felt that she is secretly in love with Chef Macky. Later on, Chef Macky realized that Lotis has all the qualities he is looking for a woman he wants to marry and to become the mother of his children. Lotis and Chef Macky were officially a couple on June 23, 2007. The couple were blessed with 3 children Misha, Iñigo and Mikaela.

To be continued…

Author: Elizabelle Grace Dimapilis, Service Manager – Human Resources at Edsa Shangri-La, Manila

Specialization: Rapport

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