Eid al-fitr Festival Celebration at China World Summit Wing, Beijing

The Eid al-fitr Festival Celebration! – A big festival for Muslim colleagues

To celebrate the Eid al-fitr Festival, we arranged a BIG PARTY in our staff canteen – Red Restaurant. Colleagues wore Chinese minority costumes to pray for peace, auspicious, harmony and wealth. Chefs also prepared lots of traditional food for this festival, such as roast whole lamb, grilled lamb chops and Sangza.


Such kind of festival celebration always happens in our hotel. Other than overseas colleagues, we also have several colleagues from different Chinese minorities as China is the country with 56 ethnic minorities. Having celebrations could help us build more mutual understanding, as well as become closer with each other. Since each culture has different characteristics and habits, we learn to appreciate and respect everyone.

Meanwhile, when I posted the pictures of festival celebrations on my WeChat, it surprised almost all my friends. They were amazed that we could celebrate these kinds of minority festivals and eat delicious food in the hotel.

I am proud that we have a wonderful colleague restaurant.

I am proud that I could be the member of our hotel.

I am proud that I could join in the family of Shangri-La and meet all of you, my friends.

Author: Larah Yang, Service Leader – Recruitment at China World Summit Wing, Beijing

Specialization: Rapport

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