002 memory – Eileen Espina from Edsa Shangri-La Manila

Y2K bug, also known as the Millennium bug, caused quite a stir at the start of 1999. It finally came to 1 January 2000, the start of the new millennium. We all looked forward to spending the momentous event with our loved ones. But the hotel feared that some accidents might happen, so the entire HR workforce was called for an overnight duty. We were tasked to manage specific areas in the hotel as back-up support in case of any eventuality at the turn of the millennium. At last, nothing unfortunate happened but I got to spend my first New Year’s away from my family.

I must admit, I turned a bit sentimental as I watched the majestic fireworks together with the Duty Manager & a few Security Officers in the open parking space (where One Shang now stands) at the Garden Wing entrance. Since everything went well, party time ensued at the entire lobby area where guests and colleagues were served unlimited drinks. At the time, half of my heart wanted to race home and catch up with my family, but then we were all asked to stay until everything (and everyone) has settled. It was one true experience of being “home away from home”, spending a joyous occasion with a “family away from your family” that I will never forget.


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