The Annual Breakfast Meeting

CSR breakfast_2

Every year, Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver participates in a CSR event hosted by our local ownership group Westbank Corp., and focuses on giving back to some of the less fortunate in our community.  In line with our Core Values of helplessness, selflessness, humility and respect. This year, a team from Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver served a hot breakfast designed for up to 3000 people in Vancouver’s Lower East Side.

This annual event invites both homeless and marginalized members of society to attend a special breakfast with hot pancakes, yogurt, fresh fruit, orange juice, tea and coffee. Members of the Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver Sales, Events, Human Resources, Housekeeping, Engineering, Banquets, Front Office, Culinary and Restaurant teams served as cooks, hostesses, servers and bussers. The hotel’s culinary brigade made pancake batter for up to 3000 pancakes! Some of our ExCom worked the grills cooking fresh pancakes, many seated and served our guests and bussed tables. Each of us provided true Shangri-La hospitality from our hearts.

Attendees were treated to a memorable experience. The entire public atrium was transformed into a luxury “restaurant” for the 3 hour event, completed with china, food and beverage service, live jazz music and all the pancakes our guests could eat! Our Shangri-La team ensured that hospitality from the heart flowed through to each guest we encountered, and that no one left hungry. Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver worked to provide a nutritious meal served with care, dignity and respect to those who need it most.

Some members of our team took to the streets hot coffee, fresh oranges and extra pancakes to people who were unable to attend the breakfast, ensuring that nothing went to waste, and that we touched as many people as possible in our quest to deliver a true Shangri-La experience, composed of dignity and warmth – proving that we care!

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