The unDEAFeted Culinary Challenge!

Last week , Hotel Jen Manila (HJM) organized the first Culinary Competition for the hearing impaired community. It was was joined by students with hearing difficulties around the nation, including Pasay City, where the hotel resides.  In this fun-filled event, the chef students showcased their talent in cutting fruits, cooking main courses, food plating and exploring new ideas in the culinary world with their ingenious presentation skills.

HJM unDEAFeted_2   HJM unDEAFeted_4

Mary Tiama, a student from St.Therese of Child Jesus Pasay City won first place for the cooking and fruit carving challenge. You can see in her face below how happy she was to have this opportunity.

HJM unDEAFeted_3

“This activity raised awareness to all our colleagues and also the community who helped us.  I believe that this is a rewarding experience in helping the deaf society especially right now,” Mr. Ed Kollmer, Hotel Jen Manila’s General Manager said. “It gives me a great feeling that I am also contributing to the future of the next Generation.”

“It’s very humbling to help our Deaf community with this kind of CSR activity that helps them to improve their self-confidence and hone their skills,” said HJM’s Human Resources Manager, RB Puno.

The event also gave the opportunity for hotel colleagues to form connections with the students as some of them were invited to be student trainees for the next semester, which also leads to possible long-term employment.  Our role is not to give hearing impaired people a voice; it is to make sure that their voices are heard! The hotel hopes this will be the first step of other CSR activities to come as the relationship with the Deaf Association of the Philippines continues to grow.

Later this week, we will interview 4 students with hearing impaired for their On-the-Job Training in kitchen and housekeeping. Stay tuned!

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