11 Careers Tips for Fresh Graduates [Part 2]

Career tips Q2 2016 (Edited2)-2

We bet you should have been waiting for the next few tips! With these warm reminders, we hope to inspire you to get yourself best prepared for the hospitality industry. Let’s get started !

6. Focus on making a big impact

Believe in yourself that you can bring changes to the world. No one is too little to affect the others. That’s what employers are looking for to bring positive changes to the company. Think big, dream big! Without dream, you are nothing different from a dead¬† fish. Let’s wake up now and set goals for your life.

7. Develop your “soft skills”

Graduates have very similar hard skills so it is always smarter to compete on the soft side. Find a good way to impress your interviewer, a warm smile or a sincere eye contact could make you standout from the others.

8. Sacrifice today to position yourself for tomorrow

See the benefits in long term so you will have the motivation to work harder for them. 10 years later, when you look back to what you have sacrificed today is just a grain of sand in the beach. The more you give out, the more you will be rewarded in the future.Be generous to yourself, be generous to your future.

9. Travel as much as you can

You will become bolder and more independent in each journey. Try not to rely too much on technology and feel the raw culture of different places. The courage to accept new things makes you a more competitive candidate in the workplace.

10. Prepare yourself before interviews

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. This sounds old-school but it’s always true. You will definitely feel less nervous during the interview that you can showcase your strength confidently. Preparation can reflect how passionate you are for the job. No one could be escaped from the interviewer’s eyes.

11. Get more experience for your resume

You can learn different skills from different experience. Step out of your comfort zone to gain insight,  grab every chance to enrich your life. You may even discover your hidden talent!

Put all these tips into your pocket and put them into practice. Shine like a star in the life of yours, then you can light up the spirit in others’ heart.

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