CSR Activity Reflection – Egg Painting with Children from Chunya Organization

On 31 March 2016, Shangri-La Hotel, Hefei CSR Committee members visited Chunya Organization, which is an association for educating children with disabilities, especially for those who suffer from autism, with the aim of helping these special children to be able to take care of themselves and even get a job in their future.

We received a warm welcome from the lovely kids upon our arrival. Teachers showed the us, the CSR Committee members, around the training classes and living rooms of the children, where heart-warming drawings and handicrafts decorated the various places. All the artwork were created and made by these children. One of them even enthusiastically showed us her dance talent without any shyness or hesitation.


The Egg painting activity was the highlight of the visit, with active participation by the children and our CSR committee members. We went into their simple but happy world and were connected by the colorful eggs. After that, we distributed a box of cookies and bread that was prepared by hotel chefs to each child. It was touching when we heard some kids saying “I am going to share this with my little sister”, “I’ll keep it for my grandmother” and “I’ll take it home and give it to my mum”.

We were delighted not only by their special talents, but also by their adorable qualities such as being polite, outgoing and grateful by thanking us for preparing gifts for them. Together with all children, we took a group photo and ended our wonderful visit. People have always said: “When God closes a door for you, He would open another door for you”.

Moving ahead, our CSR Committee members will continue discuss on how to further help and support Chunya Organization and the children. As of now, we have offered two partnership opportunities for the organization.

With joy,

Shangri-La Hotel, Hefei CSR Commitee

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